The Original: The Book Of Your Life — 10 Individual Horoscopes.

The „Book Of Your Life“ is a custom-written collection of the ten most important horoscopes of old cultures based on your exact birth data (birth date, birth time, birth place, hair color, eye color, birth name).

This book  calculates all horoscopes and  interprets your data based on the astrological understanding of the most important cultures of earth. You get very precise and extensive information of your personal soul characteristics.

Table of contents

10 personality analyses from different cultures will help you discover your very own real strength and capabilities so that you can get more successful in all areas of your life.

  1. Astrological Personality Analysis (approx. 30 pages)
  2. Karmic Horoscope (approx. 14 pages)
  3. Chinese Horoscope (approx. 15 pages)
  4. Native American Horoscope (approx. 17 pages)
  5. Cabbalistic Name Analysis (approx. 17 pages)
  6. Indian Horoscope (approx. 4 pages)
  7. Astrological Career Analysis (6 pages)
  8. Atlantean Horoscope (4 pages)
  9. Health Horoscope (approx. 5 pages)
  10. Flirt and Erotic Horoscope (approx. 12 pages)

Every book is individually created and you will only find content that fits your birth data.

  • Overall approx. 100 pages
  • Automatic delivery as printable PDF file PDF-Icon
  • Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Standard price: 49,90 EUR, now only 19,95 EUR

We know of many of your customers that their book gave valuable insight into their individual soul capabilities meant to flourish here on earth at this very point in time.

It is the thrilling adventure of your life. You discover a new world: your hidden talents, abilities and capabilities. You will receive answers to questions like „Where am I from?“, „Why am I here?“ and „Where will my path take me to?“.

The „Book of your life“ knows about the most hidden aspects of your personality.

This book is the the adventure of the discovery of your very own self.

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What customers have to say…

Wolfgang Carl Keller: „I would be lying if I was to say that I didn’t recognise myself in it. It’s like looking in a mirror. Simply superb!“

Alexander Krines: „I created my own book of life and was quite surprised to see how much information was provided which clearly applies to me.“

Marc Valentini: „I asked my mother for the exact time of birth – and now I’m speechless… and that’s really quite something… :-) “

Marco Naef: „The quality is outstanding and offers many insights about my personality. It is always interesting to find out something more about myself.“

Helmut Muehlbacher: „I have already received the Book of Life and am so thrilled with it that I want to share this gift of happiness with many other people.“

Lothar Kuesters: „I am pleasantly surprised. The quality of the information is immense. I had the opportunity to make a comparison with a horoscope from a different source. I particularly enjoyed the comprehensibility and the explanations. One can easily understand the meaning of the statements. There are no superfluous specialist terms and explanations. I immediately told my friends about it and have only received positive feedback. It seems, however, to have aroused much more interest than I initially assumed. Even people I did not expect showed interest. The incredible top price is worth a special mention too. I am delighted.“

Juergen A. Kettner: „We are all quite enthusiastic about the scope and depth of the individual analyses. Wow. And the price-performance ratio for the personalised Book of Life, which contains more than 100 pages, is simply sensational.“

Kurt Swoboda: „My hotel guests are really thrilled about the quality of the astro analyses. Many of my guests have confirmed the high level of precision of the „Book of Life“. These analyses were an enriching experience for my customers as well as for my family and I. Conclusion: very commendable!“

Albert Meile: „What my Book of Life had to say – I was speechless and chuckling away in amazement – it seemed as if I had personally written the Book of Life about myself.“

Silvia Guedri: „The quality of the analyses is simply unique… According to my mother, who has been involved with astrology for many years, this is the most comprehensive and accurate personality analysis she has ever seen. I am also thrilled and quite surprised as I have, in the past, never had a high opinion of horoscopes.“

Marita and Werner Dittmann: „As I had an in-depth (expensive) analysis made in the past, I have already gathered some experience on this topic. The analyses offered within the framework of your astro concept therefore confirm the high level of content quality. This can only be based upon very comprehensive data material. But what is especially important to me: There is clearly a „common theme“ in all 10 horoscopes, which applies to me completely. This, of course, reinforces the level of quality.“

Michael Lendvay: „I printed out the Book of Life for my life companion. Being a digital printer, I of course printed it on beautiful paper and bound it. It really looks quite appealing. Although my life companion is rather sceptical, she very much enjoyed the analysis. Many aspects completely apply to her.“

Angelika Taxer: „My customers, my family and I all very much like the Book of Life.“ And we are all thrilled about how affordable it is.“

Wolfgang Engelhardt: „Superb quality, no doubt!“

Uwe Klein: „I found the book to be surprisingly accurate in parts, my wife was completely enthused. I can definitely recommend it, it’s worth the price.“

Renate Bruckner: „I created a Book of Life for myself and am all but delighted about its accuracy and the detailed explanations it contains.“

Herbert Bachmann: „Good, very good. Years ago, our family had an analysis made, which contained approx. 25-30 pages. It cannot in the least compare to the product we have today. It’s like looking in the mirror, absolutely unique!“

Claus Marmsoler: „I am impressed! Just last week, a member of my family had an astrological personality analysis made by an expert. We could hardly believe the high degree of conformity of the analysis!… I immediately realised that this Book of Life is a runaway success. A gift for oneself and a very personal gift for friends and acquaintances.“

Isa Schneeberger: „The result was mind-boggling and somewhat uncanny ;o) Who I am, what I am like and what makes me act the way I do, my strengths and my weaknesses in cold print … in a book not written by myself. This causes „goose-bumps“ because I can recognise myself in it. At the same time, it has also convinced me of its quality… By the way – I am not a devout follower of daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes and also no „esoteric freak.“

Have fun discovering your Higher Self!

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